About Deanna Deveney, Esq

Deanna Deveney is an experienced attorney with a proven track record that showcases an ability to succeed in difficult and complex situations. Throughout her career she has provided invaluable service to both municipality and state government throughout Massachusetts, always advocating for those in need. She combines a tremendous amount of experience with a strong educational background. Deanna thrives in cross-functional and collaborative environments while being known for her ability to problem solve, pivot, and prioritize. As a passionate cross-functional team manager Deanna understands the importance of setting goals, policies, and procedures coupled with the need to work cohesively with a team to ensure deadlines and targets are met as well as what effective systems can do to ensure teams are high performing and creating high impact.

With experience in Government Relations, Communications, Government Administration, and Executive Management she has a versatile skill-set that has made her an invaluable part of countless teams.

After finishing high school, Deanna Deveney went on to attend Curry College in Milton, Massachusetts. There, she did an exceptional job networking, maintained a high GPA, and was heavily involved in a wide variety of extracurricular activities. She ultimately earned her Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice, learning about some of the biggest issues facing the criminal justice system in the current environment. Furthermore, she served as the President of the Criminal Justice National Honors Society. She showcased not only her knowledge but also her ability to serve as a leader in her field, providing her with an opportunity to meet a number of industry professionals who would mentor her along the way.

In addition, Deanna Deveney began her career as a member of the Middlesex County Sheriff's Office. She spent five years in multiple departments learning the day-to-day operations of the Office. She spent the majority of her time preparing summons, putting together eviction notices, and preparing writs of attachment. In addition, she coordinated auctions for any property that was seized while also creating training materials pertaining to officer safety and legal ethics. She worked in a wide variety of capacities, building the skills she needed to launch her career in the legal field.

After she finished at Curry College and left her role in the Middlesex Sheriff’s Office, Deanna Deveney went on to the Massachusetts School of Law. There, she was pushed, challenged, and developed a wide variety of critical thinking skills that have served her well in her career. She graduated from the Massachusetts school of law in 2014, earning her J.D. While she was there, she also joined the Justinian Law Society, which allowed her to develop relationships with other Italian-Americans in the legal field.

While she was still in law school, Deanna Deveney worked as an intern in the Middlesex District Attorney's office. There, she wrote and argued legal motions before numerous judges at the Woburn District Court. She also managed and organized a heavy caseload. She researched the existing case law and helped with trial preparation for various probable cause hearings. She also gained a lot of experience working with victims and survivors, learning how to interact with potential clients down the road. It was this real-life experience that put her in a position to be one of the leading minds in the legal field.

After finishing law school, Deanna Deveney quickly passed the bar, allowing her to enter the courtroom as an attorney in the state of Massachusetts. She would return to the Middlesex District Attorney's office, where she interned, but this time, she would assume the role of an Assistant District Attorney. As an ADA working under the leadership of District Attorney Marian Ryan, Deanna worked in the Community Partnerships leg of the office where she concentrated on prevention rather than prosecution. She worked on and created programs educating individuals on domestic violence, elder abuse, and the opioid crisis. analyzed local crime rate statistics to determine the needs of each individual community. Most notably, Deanna was heavily involved in rectifying the Massachusetts State Drug Lab scandal that began in 2012.

After she finished her time in the assistant District Attorney's office, Deanna Deveney entered her role as a Communications and Government Affairs professional. She served as the Director of Intergovernmental Affairs and Communications for the City of Medford before serving in the same role for the City of Everett. This is a role that comes with a wide variety of roles and responsibilities. For example, she spent time developing strategies, policies, and plans for the city and the mayor. She also managed a large department that was responsible for all internal and external communications, including broadcast media, digital media, social media, and written media. She also served as the mayor's liaison to various local, state, and federal offices, which often included helping with legislation. Deanna made her mark in the City of Everett when she led the City’s communications and recovery effort through the covid19 pandemic.

During the course of her career, Deanna Deveney has demonstrated a unique ability to handle a wide variety of responsibilities simultaneously. When she is not working, she spends time volunteering with veterans and mentoring other women who have aspirations to enter into government. She also tries to maintain strong relationships with her family members and friends, working to stay in touch with those who are most important to her. She has proven to be a leader both in and out of the office, and she serves as a powerful example of a female leader for those who want to follow in her footsteps.


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