Career in Law - deanna-deveney
September 27, 2022

How to Encourage Women to Pursue a Career in Law

There are several ways to encourage women to pursue a career in legal field. These include scholarships, flexible work-life balance, and embracing implicit bias. The following are a few suggestions. Consider each one for yourself! It may surprise you that some of these methods remarkably effectively increase women’s chances of succeeding in law. Scholarships Scholarships […]

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What Types of Jobs Can You Get After Law School - Deanna Deveney
September 12, 2022

What Types of Jobs Can You Get After Law School?

After law school, there are many jobs to choose from. For example, you can work in judicial clerkships, a Public interest advocacy organization, or a business. Other legal positions include mediators or EEOC investigators. You may be surprised at the wide variety of job options available to you. Public interest advocacy Public interest advocacy jobs […]

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August 1, 2022

What to Expect From Law School

As a future lawyer, you may wonder: what should I expect in law school? The process of law school is unlike any other college or university experience. You’ll spend four years in a classroom, pursuing a degree in law. The coursework is rigorous, and professors have office hours to answer questions and help you develop […]

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July 6, 2022

Female Leadership – Empathy and Transformation

Female solid leaders have two main qualities: they are empathetic and transformational. Their ability to negotiate is unmatched. And they are more effective at motivating people. So what makes them so effective? Read on to find out. Let’s explore these two qualities more closely. Listed below are a few ways women can be influential leaders. […]

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May 31, 2022

The Most Common Issues Women Face in the Workplace – Deanna Deveney

According to Deanna Deveney, while women may not experience as many microaggressions or discrimination as men, they still face barriers and challenges that are more than just stereotypes. These include microaggressions, unwritten responsibilities, and barriers to advancement. But what are the most common issues facing women in the workplace? And what can be done about […]

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