Why Companies Need to Offer Mental Health Days to Employees

Deanna Deveney Esq

December 25, 2022

There are a lot of reasons why companies need to offer mental health days to their employees. Some of them are legal obligations, while others are just a necessity to keep your staff healthy. But one of the most important is the fact that the Gen Z generation is leading the way in destigmatizing mental health issues. By sharing their struggles online, they are helping to get the message out to their peers.


Waymark, a digital creative marketing company, offers a suite of mental health tools for companies. These include a mobile health app, a platform that lets you compare insurance rates, and a data science-infused system that improves outcomes over reactive care management.

Waymark is not the only company that offers these types of tools, but it is one of the best. The way that Waymark has figured it out is to build an ecosystem around a robust platform and a network of health workers that are available to patients at the push of a button. Using proprietary data science technologies, the company is able to identify and refer patients to the most appropriate healthcare providers. This leads to a reduction in the administrative burden on providers.


One of the best ways to deal with these issues is to encourage employees to take mental health days. Not only are these days a time to de-stress and address the lows, they also show the organization is committed to its workers’ well-being.

Employees who have access to mental health days can feel more energized, focused, and confident. Moreover, they can address the issues that are holding them back at work.

Despite the rise in popularity of these relaxation days, many companies have yet to fully develop a culture of support. Leaders must establish clear ownership and accountability mechanisms. They must also establish an environment of transparency.


The bank recently launched a new initiative to support employees’ mental health.Staff are encouraged to share their stories of mental health and wellbeing. They also have access to a range of resources and services.

The campaign consists of a website, posters, and videos. These are all aimed at breaking the cultural silence around mental health and making employees feel less alone. Barclays employees also have the option to take time off for mental health-related leave.

As part of the campaign, Barclays has committed PS10 million through its 100×100 Program to charity partners across the world. The money will help Mind’s online peer support community.

Mental Health -HR serves as a critical partner

If you’re wondering how you can improve the mental health of your employees, consider offering a mental health day. These days, employers are recognizing the importance of employee wellness and offering more and more ways to help.

Some employers have begun to offer time off for this important wellness in addition to providing mental health benefits.Some employers allow workers to take up to six months off. Others grant up to 60 percent of their workweeks off, and many even offer subsidized childcare.

Aside from offering time off for mental wellness, employers should also consider offering EAPs, which can help an employee get the counseling they need. They should also implement better communication in the hiring process.

Gen Z is leading the way to destigmatize mental health problems by sharing their struggles online

There is a growing movement to destigmatize mental health problems. This is happening for two main reasons. The first is social media.

Social media is a place where many people share their stories and experiences. Moreover, people can learn from one another. They can also share their struggles, help each other, and gain support.

Generation Z is a generation defined by the years 1997 to 2012. These youngsters are known as “digital natives.” As the first generation raised with the Internet, Gen Z has had to deal with a lot of tough things. It has been exposed to the economic crash, gun violence, polarized political views, and other world crises.

Legal obligations

When it comes to employee, there are a number of ways for employers to make their employees feel supported. One of the best ways to do that is to offer a day.

As of January 2019, the Labor Department reminded employers of their legal obligations to provide time off to employees suffering from mental illnesses. They also provided guidance on how to implement mental health policies in the workplace.

The US Department of Labor acknowledges that one in five workers suffers from a mental illness. This means that these illnesses affect millions of American workers every year.